CeCe Prestige Collection

Cece for Pride and Prestige Hair is fun with a sophisticated, sleek vibe, definitely turning heads.

Cerise, the winner of 2015 Ms Curvaceous UK has decided to launch her new short and bold hair collection with Pride and Prestige Hair.

''I've never believed in having just one look and that's the beauty of if it all you can switch it up when you want to. Life's way too short to have boring hair.

Before I discovered the power of a wig, I used to wear weaves a lot and the constant sew- ins made my scalp extremely sensitive to the point where simple braids would be agonising and I just honestly couldn't take it anymore. So I stopped, rocked my natural hair but I grew bored and missed having the choice of colour and length I was never a fan of manipulating my own hair so I thought I'd try a wig and I've never looked back.''