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Loose Curly Lace Frontal

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What is a Lace Frontal?


A lace frontal is the perfect go-to when trying to mimic your hairline from ear to ear. The lace system is sewn behind the ear or can be added onto a wig for extra versatility. 


Lace frontals are usually worn wearing hair extensions which are a different colour and/or texture to the natural hair underneath. It is also great for protecting your edges especially if no glue is used.


Our frontals go across your hairline by 13" and go back towards the centre of your head by 4". One size fits all and can be cut and customized to look as authentic as possible. As frontals have no parting, they can be styled and parted in any direction.


Our frontals are made from Raw Indian Hair meaning they are from one particular donor and have not been treated in any way to achieve the curls and texture.


Loose curly frontal Hair Specifications

Dimensions: 13"x4"


We are able to dye it to all the colours specified on the product page (please note that we do not currently dye hair grey).